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Herb Demars

We are Canadians who have been visiting Costa Rica often since 1999. From that very first visit, we fell in love with this beautiful little country and knew that one day we would eventually call this our home. Herb is a sales associate working with Prestige Costa Rica Properties in Playa Panama in the province of Guanacaste and works with fellow Canadians and Americans, many who have lived here for many years. Their experience in the Costa Rica and Guanacaste real estate market is unrivaled!
Herb worked in the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry as a Surface Landman (similar to Industrial Real Estate) and Environmental Technician for 20 years. Prior to that, he spent 10 years as a Forest Ranger with the Alberta Government. His oil and gas experience took him all over the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada and to the far reaches of Indonesia. He has extensive experience in working with people and adapting to various cultures.
Donna is a retired Registered Dental Hygienist. Prior to the 15 years spent in dental offices, she worked for several years as an administrative assistant for school divisions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Besides helping Herb with the real estate business selling beachfront property in Costa Rica, Donna keeps busy as property manager for several rental/vacation properties in Playa Hermosa. She has been volunteering her services each week teaching English to two groups of students - one a group of school-aged students, the other a group of adults.
We have lived in Costa Rica year 2007 and are full-time, year-round residents. We have "Residencia sin Condiciones," which means we are Permanent Residents with the right to work in Costa Rica with no restrictions.  As full-time residents, we have traveled extensively throughout the country and can offer lots of tips and information about Costa Rica condos for sale in other areas to prospective clients.  Our past times include exploring the backcountry of Costa Rica - whether it is on foot, or on our bicycles, motorcycle, quads, or by a horse!
Herb is a member of the Costa Rica Global Association of Real Estate and regularly attends courses relating to the business of real estate sponsored by CRGAR.
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