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Playa Ocotal Costa Rica

Playa Ocotal Costa RicaThe province of Guanacaste has many beautiful beaches in the North Pacific region of Costa Rica, and Ocotal is one of the most stunning. Mountains meet the water at this unique idyll, making it popular for horseback riders who often seen in the late afternoon along the southern end of the beach.

Playa Ocotal is also the location where sport fishing in this area first took off, with the building of Ocotal Beach Resort in the early 80s. Over the years, the hilltop resort brought in thousands of tourists who fell in love with the mountainous side of Ocotal.

Fast forward twenty years, and now The Ocotal hills are dotted with ocean view homes, villas and B&Bs. There is an option for every desire. This area is a popular beach because it’s ideal for swimming and relaxing with family and friends. Snorkel along the coastline, or chill out under one of the many shaded trees along the volcanic black sand beach, stretching 1/3 mile in length.

When you are ready for a cold tropical drink or some fresh grilled fish tacos, the place to stop in Ocotal is Father Rooster, a legendary landmark right on the beach. For a quieter experience hop over the hill to secluded development of Bahia Pez Vela and visit the Picante restaurant.

The town of Playa Del Coco is a short drive (1.8 miles) by car. There, you can find restaurants, grocery stores, and souvenir shopping.