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Is There Good Medical Care in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a reputation for offering good medical care, especially compared to other countries in Central America. The country has a universal healthcare system called the “Caja” (CCSS), which provides healthcare to all citizens and legal residents. Additionally, there are private hospitals and clinics that offer high-quality medical services, catering to tourists and expatriates. Many physicians in Costa Rica are trained internationally and are proficient in English, making healthcare accessible to visitors from abroad.

Your Guide to Costa Rica's Capital Gains Tax

Costa Rica's Capital Gains Tax and its Affect on Real Estate Assets

The capital gains tax in Spanish is called “Ganancias de Capital.” It was bound to happen! Capital gains tax is now a reality in Costa Rica and has been in effect since July 2019. What’s the rate? Well, the capital gains rate is fifteen percent (15%) of the gain.  Being a home owner in Costa Rica, it is important for you to know how this tax can affect your personal tax situation.

How to Choose a Building Lot in Costa Rica

The Basics of Choosing a Building Lot

You fell in love with Costa Rica and after looking at all the built homes in the area you decided that you want to buy a lot and build. If you haven’t built a house from scratch before than this guide will be quite useful. Even If you have built a home in the past this will help you avoid pitfalls particular to Costa Rica and keep you on the right track.

Before we go any further, we must assume that you have hired an experienced realtor who will ensure the basics are covered that apply to any lot purchase:

WALKING THE TALK - Giving Back in a Big Way

Helping Less Fortunate Kids - La Paz Tempisque School 12th annual 5K and kids beach race

There is no doubt the real estate market has been doing very well in the Papagayo area of Costa Rica and many of our agents have had record breaking years. What is even more impressive is the leadership that our agents have shown by not only being involved in their communities, but getting involved and giving back in a big way.


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